Be online(connect) with Christ through scriptural meditation.

Fast forward move to the future

Online with Jesus Christ is a book inspired by the Holly Spirit.

About Me

Elizabeth Kgatlhe

Evangelist Elizabeth would love to share the greatest mission of empowering others from her past negative experiences. The pain of the past is a stepping stone of understanding your destiny.

My mission is to teach the word of God. To empower others who are oppressed by the enemy. Many people assumed that in these situations God has forsaken them. God is mostly powerfully present in these tough situations, I find it inspiring that all the trials I went through revealed who I am inside first and the person I will be, being empowered by the Holy Spirit. No more failure in my life.

Online with Jesus Christ

Online with Jesus Christ is a book where you will learn what helped me throughout times when I was desperately looking for divine intervention in my situation.

Be inspired, be rescued, and be held into Christ loving arms and find refuge in Him only. I want you to know that all hope is not taken away unless you allow it. As a writer of Online with Jesus Christ. I am sharing this wonderful testimonial sweet words through this teaching-prophetical book to awaken all who are not ready to give up, not ready to fail but to rise!